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 Ilana (Payes) Greener is an Australian visual artist and illustrator. For over two decades Greener has exhibited in art spaces throughout Australia and abroad. She studied Art Curatorship at Melbourne University, and has a Masters degree in Education (University of Melbourne) and a Masters degree in Visual Art (Monash University). This year, Greener saw her first children's book published (with author, Georgia Lillie)

Ilana Greener has spent her life surrounded by creatives, and has visited countless art galleries around the globe. ilana greener gallery will exhibit a selection of Greener's own work, as well as established and emerging artists whose creative careers she has been following with a sharp eye.


We hope you enjoy visiting ilana greener online gallery.

All original works are available for purchase with free express shipping.

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"Ilana's world of imagination" article here

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